Find out what people are saying about the training they received from SMCCC.

More than just a CPC certificate...

My classmates and I walked out the doors of SMCCC with more than just a CPC certificate. SMCCC'S AAPC programs enhanced our expertise by using industry professionals to teach, lecture and tutor. Coding skills were taught and enhanced only with AAPC approved curriculum and methods. I had the opportunity to enhance my leadership skills through peer teaching, tutoring. My coding and leadership skills earned me a promotion into management at a private specialty school. Most importantly, the door never close for students at SMCCC, students can take advantage of lifelong learning, networking, and career counciling at SMCCC.

R. Haynes

Ms. Simmons has been nothing less than amazing...

I was referred to Simmons Medical Coding & Compliance (SMCC), LLC in February 2018, by word of mouth from a friend. My friend spoke so highly of Ms. Simmons and the Certified Professional Coder Preparation course that I instantly wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to enroll in a life changing career program. Ms. Simmons has been nothing less than amazing when it comes to equipping her students with the necessary tools to succeed. I find her passion, dedication, and reliability to be invaluable. She sets high, but reasonable standards, while addressing the learning styles of each student to assure they get a full understanding of the material. There is no doubt in my mind that I will pass the CPC exam, due to the unrivaled knowledge gained from taking this course. Thank you for everything

E. Bundy

I would recommend SMCCCC...

I want to express the great experience I had as a student in the Simmons Coding School. I attended an online school and graduated in 2014. For extra knowledge and to get ready to take the CPC exam I researched medical coding schools where I could attend in person and through great reviews on the internet and attending American Association of Professional Coders chapters in Maryland and Virginia, I only heard rave reviews about the Simmons Coding School.

I started The Simmons Coding School in 2016 and learned so much from Ms. Simmons and her amazing instructors, Kim, Penny and Ebony who paved the way for me to pass the CPC exam in 2017. The school gets you ready for the CPC exam by teaching ICD-10 and CPT, mock exams and a timed 5-hour mock exam that is the same as the CPC exam.

I would recommend The Simmons Coding School to people who want to learn the best way to learn medical coding and to pass the CPC exam.

S. Lasky