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Coding Osteoporosis with ICD-10-CM

Osteoporosis can affect all of the bones in the musculoskeletal system and may not be specific to site. Because it is a systemic condition, a patient may be at risk for the complications of osteoporosis even before it is diagnosed, and may have a pathological fracture occur in the absence of any recognizable trauma. To code for a current pathological fracture occurring with osteoporosis, use category M80. This should be coded at the time of the encounter. Instructions for category M80 direct the coder to use an additional code to identify any major osseous defect using M89.7. Subcategories M80.0 and M80.8 identify the type of osteoporosis as either age-related or "other" as well as the site of the fracture. Category M81 should be used to identify types of osteoporosis occurring "without current pathological fracture." Patients given this diagnosis have a history of osteoporosis but don't currently have a fracture. However, they may have had a fracture in the past that has healed. In this situation, use code Z87.310 Personal history of osteoporosis fracture after a code from category M81.

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